Friday, February 23, 2007

Cisco Uses OpenSER

Yesterday, Daniel-Constantin Mierla reported on the OpenSER mailing list that OpenSER is being used in the Cisco® Service Node for the Linksys® One family of products. Greg Fausak of Cisco confirmed this report and posted the following:

> I guess the cat's out of the bag! We've been using OpenSER for quite some time. I'm very happy with it's performance and flexibility. New features are introduced quite quickly without creating a big unstable mess. The performance is very good, we are able to route and account for calls predictably.
> One of my favorite things to do around here is to watch the traffic labs stress the call routing implementation. We are able to sustain 60 call per second and burst to 200.

Wow, that is pretty strong endorsement for OpenSER! We were first introduced to SER (SIP Express Router) two years ago by our carrier customers. As I wrote last week about Asterisk, open source software is having a major impact on telecom carriers. If you are in the telecom business and you do not include open source software as part of your implementation strategy, then you are competing with a serious cost disadvantage. While SER and OpenSER do not have the brand reognition Asterisk has, they are both widely deployed with carriers. The number of serious carriers using SER and OpenSER is remarkable, but few will admit to it in public.

It is nice to see Cisco be transparent about their use of open source. A full description of the Cisco Linksys Service Node is available at

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