Thursday, April 19, 2007

OpenSER V1.2 is 13.4% faster than V1.1

This post is follow-up on my post yesterday about our performance testing of OpenSER V1.1, so please refer to that post for details on the test setup and test scenario.

We have completed our performance testing of OpenSER V1.2. The comparison results are:
V1.1 - 200 calls per second - 92.9% CPU Utilization - 97.17% call completion
V1.2 - 220 calls per second - 90.9% CPU Utilization - 99.79% call completion

OpenSER V1.2 performance is 13.4% better than V1.1 and most importantly its call completion rate under a heavy load is excellent.

These results indicate that OpenSER V1.2 running on server with two Xeon, dual core CPUs could conservatively handle a 600 million minutes per month of VoIP traffic.

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