Friday, May 18, 2007

See you at GTM 2007 Next Week

Intelsat's annual Global Telecommunications Meeting (GTM 2007) will occur next week in Washington, D.C. GTM is like the UN of telecommunications. Every major international carrier and perhaps hundreds of smaller international carriers meet to negotiate bilateral interconnect agreements. In the old days before telecom deregulation, GTM was a small event for PTTs from all parts of the world. With deregulation, the number of carriers attending has increased dramatically.

Unlike technology conferences which try to be cool or geeky, GTM is a telecom conference for old time PTT and Bellheads - every one is dressed in suits. While it may appear formal, GTM is a great conference hosted by Intelsat and the entertainment are always first class. Like the PTC conference in Honolulu, GTM is a great networking event

TransNexus has attended GTM for years to meet with our customers and friends. If you plan to attend GTM and would like to meet, please send me an e-mail at

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