Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NexSRS Peering Server gets press

We have been quietly working hard this Summer preparing for new releases of NexOSS and NexSRS. Our focused effort, plus some vacation, explains my recent silience on this blog.

Nevertheless, we were very pleased to see the recent article covering our NexSRS V3.0 Peering Server and VoIP Service Control Point in "Service Provider Weekly" magazine. Go to and turn to page 7 for an informative article on the NexSRS server.

NexSRS V3.1 will be available in September and will offer important new features such as call burst control for inbound and outbound traffic, better error code reporting for faster trouble shooting and network analysis and perhaps the addition of a web services interface.

NexOSS 3.3, in beta testing since early June, will also be available in September and will include improved reporting, invoicing summaries, reconciliation reports to simplify auditing of bills from VoIP terminators and improved rate plan management.

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