Wednesday, August 22, 2007

VoIP Peering Panel at Internet Telephony Conference

I am looking forward to participating on a panel discussion about the State of VoIP Peering at the Internet Telephony Conference in Los Angeles on September 10th. At TransNexus, we believe the increasing success of bilateral VoIP Peering is the foundation of the industry model that will eventually replace the open interconnection model of the PSTN SS7 network.

Intercarrier VoIP Clearing and Settlement is a service TransNexus provided in 1998-2001, but the business evaporated when most of our ITSP customers went bankrupt in the the telecom meltdown of 2001. The concept of open multi-lateral interconnect among all VoIP networks, based on secure call clearing and settlement seems to be an inevitable business model, but it is still a long way off. The Peering panel at IT EXPO will be a good place to hear different opinions about the future of interconnection between VoIP carriers.

For more information about the State of VoIP Peering Panel see:

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