Monday, October 15, 2007

VoIP Peering at ISPCON

The Internet industry will be meeting this week at ISPCON in San Jose. ISPCON has always been a show for ISPs and NetHeads and more recently it has expanded its focus to include non-data applications like voice. VoIP is a natural business extension for ISPs and I will be at ISPCON tomorrow giving a tutorial on the business case for how ISPCONs can leverage their current business to provide VoIP service.

The ISPCON session is:

Track: TECHNOLOGY 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM Tuesday Oct. 16, 2007
E2: SIP Peering: A VoIP Business Model that Works for ISPs Serving Enterprise Customers.
This session will describe how the SIP peering business model is a natural service extension for ISPs providing bandwidth to Enterprise customers. The presentation will cover the following points:
- Who is the target market
- Selling proposition
- Business model and economics
- Incremental infrastructure required
- Example network design
- Understanding least-cost routing of telecom traffic
This presentation will provide ISPs the information they need to determine if they want to expand their business to provide basic VoIP services.

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