Monday, November 5, 2007

Report on Fall VON

We found Fall VON in Boston to be busier than past VONs. There are more VoIP Service Providers, with more traffic, more problems to be solved and more revenue than ever. The prospects for years of growth ahead for the VoIP industry looks good.

Customer traffic where the TransNexus exhibit was located in the Digium Asterisk World was high. A lot of folks seem to enjoy complaining about the success of Digium and the company's shortcomings. But the simple truth is Asterisk and Digium continue to gain momentum as more service providers build their businesses on Asterisk and use Digium hardware. Attendance at the session on Directories, ENUM and DUNDi was good as interest in VoIP peering continues to grow. My presentation is available at,_ENUM_and_DUNDI.ppt.

The OpenSER BoF was held on the final afternoon of the VON conference (the day after Halloween), and was very well attended with 50 OpenSER proponents. James Body, Research Director of TruPhone, gave a particularly interesting presentation about the success TruPhone has had with providing VoIP services to mobile phone users. Mr. Body gave a very strong testimonial for OpenSER which is the heart of the TruPhone SIP network. My presentation from the BoF is available at:

Another interesting VON attendee was Dean Elwood, the creator of If you are not familiar with VoIP User, you should visit the site. It is an interesting site for VoIP developers and offers free UK local-rate telephone number (DID) to its members among other community benefits. Mr Elwood, an attorney, recently joined TruPhone but continues his after hours work with VoIP User. His next project under development is an open, secure VoIP peering network designed to hasten the vision of open peering among VoIP networks.

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