Friday, April 25, 2008

TransNexus & MetaSwitch

I just returned from the MetaSwitch Customer Forum V in New Orleans. The MetaSwitch folks ran a great a conference for for their customers. A lot of good information and a good time. MetaSwitch has done a really great job of penetrating the small telco market. They really understand the phone business and know what telephone people want from a switch. More importantly, however, the MetaSwitch is a VoIP platform from the ground-up, not a TDM switch with a SIP interface

I have been too busy this year to announce on this blog that TransNexus is MetaSwitch partner. The TransNexus platform provides a really neat and clean least cost routing solution for the MetaSwitch. We are very happy to be associated with MetaSwitch - they have great operation.

TransNexus success story with MetaSwitch

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