Saturday, September 20, 2008

OpenSER and RTPproxy Performance Test

We have published results from a performance test of OpenSER V1.3 and RTPproxy V1.0 running on the same host server. The purpose of the test was to understand the relationship between server CPU performance and the maximum number of simultaneous calls. The massive scalability of SIP signaling with OpenSER is well known. For this test the critical component being tested was RTPproxy and the proxying of media.

A quick summary of the test results show that RTPproxy running on a single core of a 2.33 GHz Intel Xeon 5140 CPU can manage up to 750 simultaneous calls. If both cores had been used on both Xeon CPUs, we expect that RTPproxy could have managed 3000 simultaneous calls.

For a summary of the performance test, and to download the complete test plan, go to Papers/OpenSER_RTPproxy_Benchmark_Test.pdf

We are finalizing a new performance test of Asterisk V1.4 used as a B2BUA. We will present our Asterisk performance test results next week at Astricon.

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