Wednesday, April 7, 2010

President Clinton to speak at ITW

The Annual GTM conference in Washington, D.C. every May was a must attend event for international telecom carriers for years. But as the show became more successful, the managers of the Intelsat who ran the show became increasingly arrogant. The GTM show had become a very lucrative franchise and its organizers, like all monopolists, gleefully gouged its sponsors for everything they could get. Three years ago, the ITW show was hastily convened, just blocks down the street from the GTM show, as a competing conference for international telecom carriers. The faithful GTM attendees moved down the street in mass to the upstart ITW conference and the GTM show was gone for good. The rapid collapse of the GTM conference is a stunning business case study of franchise destruction caused by arrogance toward customers.

Since that initial start, the managers of the ITW conference have run their conference like any well run business. They provide good service at a reasonable price. The result has been rapid growth and a major success story for ITW (International Telecoms Week). This year ITW is expanding its exposure and having President Clinton as a keynote speaker. TransNexus will be exhibiting at the ITW conference which will be held May 24-26 in Washington, D.C. Please stop by the TransNexus booth to say hello.

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